How to get to where you need to go in Pōneke (Wellington)!



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Airport Flyer

The 91 Airport Flyer goes between Wellington International and Domestic airport at regular intervals of all hours of the day. For the timetable, click here!

The bus departs from outside the downstairs area of the airport near baggage claim. Walking out of the doors, turn right and you will see a bus stop less than 50 metres away. The electronic board will tell you how many minutes until the next bus is due.

The bus trip takes approximately 20 minutes to get to the Cuba Street / Manners Street stop which is roughly in the middle of the city. Other stops may take slightly longer or shorter, but all estimates of time can be seen in the timetable. Please note that the bus may take longer during morning and evening traffic rush hours.

The 91 Airport Flyer costs $9 to get into the city and you can pay either with cash or by usingWellington's Snapper transport card, which you can buy as you exit the airport.



Uber and Zoomy are ridesharing apps that let you book taxi services from your phone.

To request an rideshare from the airport, open your preferred app and enter your destination, and use Wellington International Airport as the pickup location.

Your rideshare will meet you at the Airport's special ridesharing pick up point, (not in the normal upstairs or downstairs pickup locations). To get there, exit the the airport downstairs near baggage claim and follow the signs to the back of the car park where the pick up point is located. It is roughly 50 metres straight ahead from the exit doors.

A ridesharing trip from the airport to Cuba Street costs approximately $18 but can be more during high-demand hours.


Super Shuttle

Wellington Super Shuttle offers shared shuttle rides from the airport to the city.  You can either prebook your shuttle, or simply approach the shuttles outside on the taxi rank downstairs in the airport when you land.

Super Shuttle accepts both cash and eftpos, and a shared ride to Cuba Street will cost approximately $15 per person (exclusive rides from $85 per person).

To book a shuttle or find out more information, take a look on their website here.




Getting around Wellington city by foot is easy - it’s all relatively flat and gives you the chance to see the awesome city sights along the way!

Aside from walking between INVOLVE, your accommodation and Wellington's eateries, we recommend a stroll along the waterfront - and even a climb up Mount Victoria for the fabulous view over the city and harbour if you’re feeling up to it!

Public transport

There are several bus routes that can take you through the inner-city and stop regularly along Lambton Quay, Willis Street, Manners Street and Courtenay Place. A number of very recent and significant changes to the bus routes and their numbers mean you might want to double-check with your driver or online before trusting the advice of a local friend on which bus to take! The easiest thing to do is go to a bus stop and look at the electronic board and catch the next bus coming along going in the correct direction, but for all specific inner-city bus information, click here.