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WORKSHOP - Cultivating love, kindness and empathy in schools and homes

  • The Community Meeting Room - Wellington City Council 101 Wakefield Street Wellington, Wellington, 6011 New Zealand (map)

Cultivating love, kindness and empathy in schools and homes: The TYMS Pacific youth wellbeing perspective

The Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Service (TYMS) is a local community provider of academic, cultural, spiritual, and recreational resources for young people who are excluded or at risk of exclusion from school and their communities.

Our work aims to provide the young person with the skills to be resilient and also to become more productive members of their community. Though our research and evaluation we have found that TYMS accomplish this through the focus on two areas: the executive function and social cognition. The executive function and social cognition are associated with the prefrontal cortex, which is situated in the frontal lobe part of the brain. The executive function is used to describe the capacity that allows us to control and coordinate our thoughts and behaviours. These skills include selective attention, decision-making, voluntary response inhibition, and working memory. Social cognition, on the other hand, focuses on how people process, store, and apply information about other people and social situations. The way we think about others plays a major role in how we think, feel, and interact with the world around us.

Robson Tavita

Dale Rasmussen

Koleta Savaii

Tuilaepa Youth Mentoring Service