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SNAPSHOTS - Placing Youth at the Centre

  • Frank Taplin Michael Fowler Centre (map)

Snapshot sessions give you a 'snapshot' of a range of awesome projects happening across the motu - and beyond!  You'll hear from all the presenters below, and there'll be a chance for questions and answers afterward.

Placing youth at the head of their own waka

Sarikha Rosli is a youth advocate with experience at both ends of the system. Through an unconventional past of drug addiction, homelessness, abuse, work in the adult industry, mental illness and teenage pregnancy, to a total transformation running youth empowerment workshops in schools around the country; Sarikha offers valuable insight into how to best engage with young people and help them let their own experiences guide their journey. 

Sarikha Rosli

My Voice Matters

Co-design with young people: Creating a space to reclaim wellbeing

This presentation shares Skylight's journey from being a 'for-youth' to a 'young people-led' grief, loss and trauma service provider.

More direct engagement with young people was necessary in order for this to happen. A large part of the co-design process was reshaping our online space to one that is engaging for young people. We know that who creates the space is critical to who participates in it.

By taking these steps, it strengthens the power young people have to take charge of their own well-being, as it allows them to advocate their own solutions for grief, loss and trauma.

Skylight will reflect on some of our key learnings on this process. It is ongoing, as young people's needs and aspirations continue to evolve. By keeping the users of our service at the centre of our focus, we can refine our services to be valuable to young people.

Chelsey Reid

Mana Williams Eade

Skylight Trust

Youth development: Are we really making a difference?

Youth development - Are we really making a difference?
An overview of Youthtown's value based philosophy including why it is so important to to have programmes that are youth-led and co-designed by the youth they are intended for. The fundamental principles of our programme design and some real life examples from our Youth Squad members about events and programmes they have been involved in and the difference it has made to them and their lives.

Amanda Murray

Aaron Harrison

Youthtown Inc

Taming the programme creep beast: Techniques to refine service pathways with young people at the centre

As we adapt our approaches to respond to changing needs and new contracts, our services, programmes, and documentation change too. This can look small, such as one more question on a form, or a new welcoming process - but over time it can evolve into a daunting beast of a programme, with a never ending flood of paperwork. How can we place young people and their whānau at the centre of programme design so that our efforts are focused on what is most effective and what matters most to them?

This is the challenge that Youth Odyssey embarked on: to refine a youth-centred pathway comprising community support, a residential stay, and tailored education at our school. We are excited to share the human-centred design and co-design techniques that we used to create this refined pathway, which has increased youth engagement, and reduced wait times.

Edward Kitchin

Bruce Brownsey

Odyssey Trust